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Holiday Lighting

Lakeview ProWash provides fully customizable lighting designs tailored to fit your needs. Lakeview is full service providing the highest quality lights, design, install, removal, and storage for the next year. We specialize in Residential and Commercial installs on buildings, trees, and bushes. Call to ask about our leased lighting.

Our Holiday Lighting Services Include:

  • Custom Design
  • Leased Lighting Packages
  • House and Building Lighting
  • Trees and Bushes
  • Wreaths and Garlands
  • Unlimited Service Calls
  • Storage

Our Recent Holiday Lighting Pictures

FAQ’s for Holiday Lighting

Q – Do you provide lights?

A – Yes, we provided the highest quality LED lights tailored to fit your home. 

Q – What kind of lights do you use?

A – We use the highest quality LED lights available.

Q – We already have our own lights; will you install them?

A – No, LakeView ProWash only installs materials provided in the leasing packages we offer. We do not install custom cut lights provided by another installer or store-bought lights purchased or used by the homeowner or other installers.

Q – LED or Incandescent light?

A – LED is the future for holiday lighting. We have moved away from Incandescent lighting for many reasons such as safety, energy conservation, and reliability.

Q – Do you store the lights?

A – Yes, storing the lights is included in with leasing package.

Q – LED lights that I see have a weird color or are not very bright.

A – This problem mostly comes from store bought lights. Our LED lights are very bright and are the latest technology of LED lighting called SMD. The newer technology allows for a bright, consistent color that does not fade or shift in color nearly as quickly as older model lights. We have different types of white bulbs as well as most other colors. After 20 years installing lights, we have put a ton of research into holiday lights to ensure you get the best and brightest lights on the block!

Q – What happens when we have a problem with our lights.

A – Call us, Lakeview takes care of all service calls at no price with our leased


Q – When should we have you come over and talk to us about our holiday lighting project?

A – It’s Never too early! The lighting season comes and goes fast! We start planning as early as September and the crews are installing lights the day after Halloween. Don’t delay, contact us as early as possible to ensure a install date prior to thanksgiving.