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Holiday Lighting

Lakeview ProWash will professionally design and install lighting arrangements for your home or commercial property. Call us or submit a quote request today to schedule an in person bid.

Our Holiday Lighting Services Include:

  • House and Building Lighting
  • Tree Lighting

Our Recent Holiday Lighting Pictures

FAQ’s for Holiday Lighting

Do you provide lights?

Yes, we have the best quality incandescent, and LED lights. We buy all our lights from a top notch distributor. The lights we provide are commercial quality. They last longer and are brighter than anything you can get at your local store. Our lights are better, brighter, and cheaper than Costco. Don’t believe us, well come over and show you samples and pricing for free!

What kind of lights do you use?

We can use anything you want. Christmas is for you and your family. We come out with all kinds of sample materials. We will go over different design ides to insure you the customer gets, exactly what they want.

We already have our own lights, will you install them.

Yes, we will be happy to brighten up your holidays with whatever materials you have. We also carry extra bulbs and plugs to get all your lights working again. We like to look at your materials before we do a job. That way we have any extras, and replacement bulbs that you may need when we install the lights.

LED or Incandescent light?

LED is the future for holiday lighting. With more stores limiting their supply for regular bulbs there will soon come a time when LED is the only option. Our LED lights draw about one tenth of the watts and amps that a regular bulb draws reducing your power bill and allowing more bulbs pr outlet.

Most LED lights that I see have a weird color or are not very bright.

That is because they are store bought lights. Our LED lights are very bright. Our LED lights come with three diodes and have constant power. Store bought lights have only one diode and run on an alternating current, so when you wave them in front of you they appear to flicker. We have different types of white, and the colors are awesome and bright.

When should we have you come over and talk to us about our holiday lighting project?

October is a good time to tackle this project. This will give us enough time to get exactly what you need ordered and in stock before materials run out, the most popular items sell out by then of November usually. Also, we start installing right after Halloween as many of our customer want to turn their lights on right after Thanksgiving.